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Mission Statement: To empower victims of tragedy in any and every way possible and to provide them with long term, permanent and sustainable solutions for their immediate and future needs.

Our Strategy: Rather than follow the conventional route adopted by so many charitable individuals and organizations, we have chosen to focus on bridging the gap between those who need help and those who want to help.

We believe that donations, even though one of the most crucial and essential elements in providing worldwide aid & relief, in all their forms, fail to provide a long-term, sustainable and permanent solution for those affected by tragedy. Donations represent only a temporary short-term fix and sometimes the tragedy in question demands a more permanent solution. We believe that the establishment of our web relief portal will lift this curtain of failure.

Firstly, we believe that individuals and organizations can provide long term life-building opportunities to these victims via the provision of sustainable jobs. A lot of people and organizations are in a position where they cannot provide substantial donations. However, they might be a in a position to offer jobs to these victims. By creating less restrictive employment pre-requisites & via the provision of on the job basic training, these victims can once again be re-integrated into the work force as new employees. This in turn will provide them with a steady income source. Re-integration into the working population and the provision of a regular, steady income source will serve as the first step in the ground up re-establishment of victimsf broken lives. Organizations can play an even bigger role in this domain as they have higher recruitment potentials than individuals. Individuals & companies not in a position to contribute in the form of donations will still be able to contribute to the relief effort in a significant and yet symbiotic manner. Our web portal will allow for posting of such jobs and will also allow for the posting of victimfs resumes. This in turn will allow for direct communication between potential employers and employees, thereby bridging the gap between the two groups. In this manner, victims will be empowered so that they themselves will have the ability to re-structure and re-build.

Second, we believe that shelter is one of the most basic necessities of life and that many a tragedies are quick to deprive people of their homes. There are countless generous individuals & organizations, the world over, that are willing to house those in need. Our web portal will allow for the posting of both of these, housing opportunities and needs alike. Individuals and organizations will have the opportunity to express their sheltering capabilities and capacity. Victims themselves or others on their behalf will have the opportunity to express these needs, making them apparent to the rest of the world. Once again, the establishment of this communication and interaction channel will bridge the gap between those who want to help and those who need help.

One of the biggest quandaries plaguing the minds of those who want to help is assessing the victimsf true needs. Our site will provide victims with the opportunity to make their needs apparent to the rest of the world. Our web portal will feature a section dedicated solely to the presentation of victims needs, straight from the horsefs mouth. Victims themselves or others on their behalf will be able to post messages about these needs. This will give people and organizations the ability to extend their helping hand even further. This will ensure that victimsf immediate and real needs will be met before anything else is done.

The above mentioned strategies represent the initial features of our online relief portal. Quick deployment and the soonest possible launch date are one of our most immediate concerns. Our site design and infrastructure will allow for the near future incorporation of other long-term, plausible and permanent solutions. Our site will have a global reach, as our aim is to aid and assist those in need, whether they be close to home or a million miles away.

This is a student venture which will accomplished entirely with the help of volunteers. No person will be employed at the moment. However, if we have the resources to compensate people in the future, we will gladly do so. The two of us have been pooling and using our own money for everything.

Volunteers: Since our relief portal will be based entirely on the World Wide Web, our volunteer needs are centered on this very fact.

- The volunteers, whose services will be needed the most, includes those proficient in the domains of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Web Development and System Administration.

- Volunteers proficient in technologies such as Unix, Linux, PHP, HTML, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, SQL, Java, Javascript and will be essential. They will be involved in the implementation of the technology backbone of our web interface.

- Graphic designers and web designers will be needed to handle the visual aspect of our web interface.

- Volunteers will be needed for accounting purposes and for financial management.

- Volunteers well versed in legal matters such as corporate law, local law, state law and Federal law will relied on for constant legal advice.

- Volunteers will be needed to handle marketing and promotion so that we may make people aware of our existence. Only if people know we exist, can we attempt to bridge the gap between victims of tradgedies and those willing to help them.

- Any and all volunteers are welcome to become a part of our dream.

- Purely non-profit and volunteer aid for those in need, the world over, is what we consider to be the pillar of our foundation and we need all the help we can get.

Use our bulletin board to post comments about what you think, feel and for giving us additional ideas and feedback.


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